With the chaos of the New Year behind us, now is a great time to review the efficiency of your warehouse and ensure you can maximise productivity for the rest of 2017.


Walk Through

A good way to assess how well your current warehouse set up works is to conduct a walk through. Chose a time when the floor space may be less busy and walk through the warehouse with an open mind and a critical eye. It can be easy to get hung up on small issues so taking the time to look at the bigger picture can help to prioritise changes and understand what works and what needs to change.


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Stock Replenishment

How do you manage stock replenishment? There are two main concepts that can be used, demand- replenishment and min-max. Using either of these, or a combination of both will help to ensure a consistent work flow and movement of stock throughout the warehouse without hold ups that can waste both time and money. Most warehouse management systems support both concepts.



Nowadays, we are very fortunate to have a whole range of technology at our fingertips. From machines to assist with stock picking through to software specially developed for staff management; choosing the correct technology for your warehouse is integral. Bar code technology and stock location systems are both proven to save time and allow maximum organisation in a warehouse environment.


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Today, in a world of constant development, nothing stays the same for long. Keeping an open mind and developing the ability to evolve and adapt to changing circumstances is key to staying ahead of the competition. Keep in mind scalability and business plans for the next 6 months to a year that could affect anything from stock levels to staff through to your operating system.


Stock Location

Key to the successful running of any warehouse is efficiency. The more efficient it is, the more cost effective it becomes. In large scale operations such as warehouses, stock location is absolutely mandatory. Of course, most systems require an element of human input but an efficient stock- locator system should be able to tell you both where an item is location and also as well as the quantity of that product in said location.


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Measuring and Reporting

There are many factors that can be measured in order to review systems and it is a good idea to measure and report on as much as possible, after all, you can’t improve what you don’t measure! Cost per order, processing turnaround times and orders per square foot are all calculations to consider. Taking the time to work these out are vital when testing new approaches to ultimately bring down costs without affecting production and quality.



Routine auditing is essential to any business, however, it is important that you set and understand your key objectives in order to gain the most from what is generally, a very time consuming job. In general, the main focus of an audit is to compare the results of a physical count against inventory records and as such, measure performance and effectiveness. An audit can also determine if correct safety procedures are in place ensuring the warehouse is both safe and effective.


There are many measures you can take to improve the overall efficiency of your warehouse. Although there are tried and tested ways, many depend on the warehouse in question and need to be tested to understand their effectiveness. 3JC offer a wide range of warehouse solutions to help with everything from storage through to safety requirements. Take a look at our full range or for more information, contact a member of our team today.