At 3JC, we’re excited to have recently taken on a new supplier whom we feel will greatly benefit our customers. COBA are a specialist in their field and last year, celebrated 50 years in the floor matting industry.

Now established as one of the most experienced names in the trade, COBA’s product range includes a range of entrance matting through to specialist workplace options and ESD (electrostatic discharge) floor mats.

When it comes to health and safety in the workplace, slips and trips are one of the biggest problems that could be easily avoided with the correct flooring choices. “In 2015/16, 621,000 workers sustained a non-fatal injury at work”*. The second highest reason for non-fatal injuries in the workplace was slipping or tripping. The repercussions of a slip or trip can be financial loss, delays in work and legal action and fines.

With serious consequences to consider, we’re pleased to be able to work with COBA and offer our customers some great options to ensure their workplace is as safe as possible.


Entrance Mats

An entrance mat needs to fulfil a few requirements. Be hardwearing and able to withstand heavy footfall; be non-slip against the surface underneath and a suitable material to suit the entrance to the business in question. I.e. a bank would not require ringmat heavy duty entrance matting.

At 3JC, we offer a wide selection of choices to suit your needs from material type to colour. Our team are also on hand to offer advice where required. A popular choice is our Superdry High Performance Entrance Matting. Ideal for wiping and moisture retention, this mat is highly practical with a range of colour options. For a more heavy duty option, our Toughrib matting may be more suitable with inbuilt channels for easy cleaning.


Workplace Matting

Within the workplace, it is essential that correct flooring is use to minimise risk to employees. In warehouses and environments with heavy duty machinery, this couldn’t be more relevant. Included in our range are a number of anti-fatigue options. In any workplace where workers may be required to stand for long periods of time, anti-fatigue matting is an important consideration to minimise tiredness and medical issues associated with standing on hard floors.

Anti-fatigue mats are designed to encourage subtle movements of the legs, in particular, calf muscles. These small movements that are barely noticeable promote blood flow and combat tiredness. Studies also suggest these mats protect against serious foot and lower back conditions.


Flooring & Floor Tapes

Choosing the correct flooring throughout the workplace can be a costly exercise, making it essential that the right choice is made. At 3JC, we offer flooring products designed from glass reinforced plastic (GRP). With a non-slip surface, significant life span and low maintenance, GRP flooring is an ideal solution for a wide range of businesses.

In addition to COBAGRIP GRP sheets, COBAGRIP stair nosing provides excellent slip resistance and is ideal for use both indoors and out. All COBAGRIP products use flame retardant materials and are easy to install or screw to the existing floor surface. The perfect solution for a wide variety of workplaces.

To assist with segregation of designated areas, floor marking tape is an essential in keeping workers safe from hazards and organising workspace. Gripfoot anti-slip tapes are also ideal for areas where safe footing is also required, making this tape multi-functional.


For more information about any of our COBA products, speak to a member of our team today. 3JC are recognised suppliers of shelving, pallet racking and a full range of warehouse equipment. Call us on 01743 874 346 to make an enquiring or view our full product range here.