New Range Of Plastic Euro Boxes


3jc Ltd are proud to announce our new range of plastic euro boxes.

Very strong and versatile, euro boxes have been a favourite in factories, warehouses workshops and even in domestic situations where a box that will stand the test of time is required.

Currently available in 6 sizes, these excellent quality boxes are manufactured exclusively for 3jc Ltd and because of our vast buying power, and direct sales channels are of superb value.

Ideal for storing all sorts of products, parts and sundries the sizes are also suitable for pallet stacking. 600mm x 400mm stack 5 on a level of a standard pallet and the 400 x 300mm 10 on a level.

Suitable for shelving or freestyle stacking  euro boxes are a very flexible storage solution.

Available to purchase online HERE.

Or give the sales team a call on 01743 874346.