At 3JC we offer a wide range of workwear, perfect for the warehouse, construction sites and a wide range of workplaces where visibility and safety are important.

In order to ensure safety in the workplace, certain equipment and clothing is labelled to reassure the user that the items and products are specially designed. These are referred to as PPE- Personal Protective Equipment. We take a look at the main types of workwear available including those labelled with PPE rating.

Basic Workwear (Non- PPE)

Basic workwear covers any clothing that does not require a standard. At 3JC our range includes work trousers, boilersuits and shirts.

High Visibility Workwear

Used across a variety of industries and leisure activities, the requirement to wear high visibility clothing is not uncommon. This category can be split down further into the various stands of high vis workwear.


EN471 is a European standard that specifies the minimum performance requirements for High visibility clothing must be wornprofessional high visibility clothing. This standard is split further into three different categories depending on the amount of reflective tape used on a particular garment.

Class 1

This is the minimum level of protection required for those working on a private road or used in conjunction with another piece of clothing rated with a higher class. A EN471 Class 1 garment must incorporate a minimum of 0.14 m2 and 0.1 m2 of retro-reflective material.

Class 2

Necessary for those working alongside or on A and B class roads, EN471 Class 2 clothing is also required to be worn by delivery drivers and in order to be approved as a class 2 item, it must have a minimum of 0.50 m2 of background material and 0.13 m2 of retro- reflective material.

Class 3

High vis jacket in warehouse

Class 3 is the highest level of protection in high visibility clothing. Those who work at airports and near or on motorways and dual carriageways are required to wear EN471 Class 3. This standard of clothing must incorporate a minimum of 0.80 m2 of background material and 0.20 m2 of retro- reflective material.

Flame Retardant

Flame retardants are compounds added to manufactured materials, in this case clothing to delay the production of flames to prevent the spread of fire.

Take a look at our Flame Retardant Coverall.

Waterproof and Thermal Workwear

At 3JC we have a range of waterproof workwear that includes jackets, waterproof trousers and wellington boots.

As the weather begins to get colder, it is also important to be kitted out with warm clothing suitable in the workplace. From thermal socks to fleeces and even beanie hats, we can ensure you will keep the cold out!

With the nights drawing in and cold weather on its way, whether you operate in a warehouse or on a construction site, ensure you are properly equipped with the right clothing. Browse our full range or contact a member of our team today to discuss exactly what you need.