Maintaining a tidy workplace:

Maintaining a clean and tidy workplace can be a difficult task at times. We all have items lurking around our factories, warehouses, and builders yards, which, at times, get in the way and create a mess.

However, there are simple ways around this and steps you can take to help you store your work tools and equipment in a neat and organised fashion.

Tool boxes & transport cases, coloured plastic storage bins, and plastic part bins and panel sets are a few great ways to store both your large and small work items in your workplace.

A new home for CDs and DVDs:

Who doesn't love watching films and listening to music? The average household owns a fairly large DVD and CD collection of their favourite films and albums. The trouble is, the larger your archive, the less room you have thanks to piles of disc cases taking up space.

CD & DVD plastic storage boxes are a great way to keep your living room tidy and neatly store your CDs and DVDs. 


Organisation is one of the key elements in running a successful workplace. Storage boxes and filing cabinets serve as a great way to store your items and help you maintain a high level of organsation. Though, many workmen and office managers require more of a systematic, in-depth way of storing their tools, parts and spares.

Coloured plastic storage bins and easy view parts draws are a fantastic way to easily see and organise your work parts and tools effortlessly.

Matching your budget:

Running a factory or warehouse can be an expensive enough task without the addition of new and expensive storage devices and boxes for your workplace. However, thanks to our budget plastic storage boxes, customers are able to fulfil their storage needs without breaking the bank.

Our budget plastic storage boxes are great for any office, house or work place without compromising quality for a lower price. These fantastic storage devices are suitable for a wide range of purposes and come complete in packs of 5.

Helping the environment:

Any time we can reduce our carbon footprint and dent on the environment is seen as a huge benefit, particularly in the workplace. Recycling storage bins and eco friendly parts bins are a great environmentally-friendly solution to storing your tools and recycling waste whilst being efficient at the same time.

The great thing about our eco friendly part bins is that they are just as efficient at storing work items as our regular storage boxes.

In addition to our 5 ways plastic storage boxes can help improve your workplace, there are many additional benefits of using plastic storage bins in your work environment.

We have a wide range of plastic storage boxes and bins available to suit a variety of different needs. Visit 3JC today online and in store to see our storage solutions.