Working in a warehouse requires the regular use of ladders and platforms to help aid workmen and women to get to those tricky, out-of-reach destinations.

However, it is often the case that these types of platforms that aid workers are needed to be moved around the warehouse on a frequent basis. Mobile steps, otherwise known as warehouse steps, serve as an excellent, easy-to-move, self-supporting solution to standard ladders.

Here are some of the most beneficial and useful attributes for mobile steps and warehouse steps.


Warehouse steps are designed to be mobile. Their job is to support workers with the same efficiency as a ladder but also have the advantage of being able to be moved whenever needed.

Over the years, many innovative mobile step designs have helped mould what workmen and warehouse owners have become accustom to today.

Some of the smaller styles of warehouse steps, such as 2 step warehouse steps are terrifically mobile by nature; they are extremely small (610mm high, 530mm wide, and 540mm depth) and only weigh a total of 8kg. The 2 step warehouse steps feature a set of 4 wheels on the bottom but remain firm and stable when in use.

Because 2 step warehouse steps are so small, their transportability is a given due to their small dimensions. There are much bigger styles of mobile steps, however, which feature the same mobility as their much smaller counterpart.

550mm wide mobile warehouse steps are a great example of much larger mobile steps which still posses fantastic ease-of-transportation qualities. Although, the larger a set of mobile steps is, in theory, the more awkward they are to manoeuvre. This is not the case for 500mm wide mobile steps.

These styles of warehouse steps are also extremely safe. They are fitted with a central fail-safe wheel retractor mechanism which when operated performs the dual function of acting as a braking system. This also allows the two large steel feet to impact the ground to give maximum stability to the operator.

Another great, easily transportable style of mobile steps is knock-down, easy relocate mobile warehouse steps. One of their biggest advantages, because of their ability to be laid flat, is that they are can be easily transported into warehouses and factories which have restricted height entry access.

Tilt & go access steps are another great example of mobile steps that are great for on the move. They feature two large wheels on the back. Users simply tip the front end of the mobile steps up and wheel them to their desired destination with ease. The tilt & go access steps' working top platform makes these mobile steps ideal for loading and unloading items outside. A simple set of access steps which are a favourite for lorry and truck washing.

Similar to the tilt & go access steps is a 4-wheel counterpart, the easy rise mobile steps with truck/dock platform. This set of mobile steps features a removable chain on the end and both sides for 3 sided access.

Different levels of durability:

Workmen and warehouse owners not only require steps which are mobile, but also those which are durable and able to withstand certain conditions. The levels of durability, however, vary on the user. To accommodate these various requirements, mobile steps are created in both medium duty and heavy duty versions.

Medium duty warehouse steps tend to be constructed with a more traditional, classic feel. These are suitable for most general warehouse duties, and are available in 2 step, 3 step, 4 step, and 5 step versions. Medium duty mobile warehouse steps are also available both with handrails/handles and without.

For users who require mobile steps which are constructed for more demanding conditions often opt for heavy duty warehouse steps. Traditionally, heavy duty warehouse steps feature larger platforms for increased stability; a useful feature for work which requires stable footing.

Heavy duty warehouse steps are also available in a budget option, which is ideal for warehouse and factory owners who require mobile steps of the highest quality craftsmanship at an easily affordable price.

The verdict:

Mobile steps serve as an ideal replacement for ladders in situations where mobility is a must. The various styles available ensure that users are able to find a set of warehouse steps that meets their requirements.

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