After years of storing materials in cardboard boxes, Linton Tweeds of Carlisle knew there must be a better solution for their storage needs. This is where 3JC Ltd stepped in with their ever-expanding range of industrial storage boxes.

Jane, of Linton Tweeds Ltd explains “We changed from cardboard to plastic mainly for longevity. We found cardboard boxes would disintegrate after a while, especially if we needed to move them about. They also look much more professional and will be cheaper in the long run instead of continually replacing cardboard boxes”.

When asked why 3JC was the chosen for this project: “We chose 3JC, as after an initial small order to check, we found them good quality at a reasonable price. There was also a good choice of sizes and they were able to fit in with all the areas we required them for”.

3JC is proud to have one of the most comprehensive ranges of industrial storage boxes in the UK. With nationwide delivery available primarily from stock.