As we so often see, in many industries space and storage are becoming more and more key. Using your space as efficiently as possible not only creates a more streamlined warehouse process but can also reduce and remove unnecessary costs. In addition to pallet racking, another great solution to maximise the room available is a mezzanine floor.


What is a mezzanine floor?

A mezzanine, also known as an entresol is a platform that is raised and supported by steel columns. It is put together as a structure independent of the main building and effectively creates additional floors that can be used for a number of purposes including storage or even additional office space. Where the use of vertical space is essential, mezzanine floors are a great investment.


what is a mezzanine floor



What are the benefits of having a mezzanine floor?

Not only ideal for the construction industry, a mezzanine floor can be beneficial to a number of different types of businesses and have a number of key advantages:

  • Cost

The first key benefit of installing a mezzanine floor is cost saving. The use of these floors can allow you to avoid relocation costs with a large increase in the space you have available. Depending on the mezzanine floor solution you opt for, this can be used for retail displays, storage in your warehouse- with minimal disruption or even an office with the benefit of overseeing the workspace below.

  • Installation

Relocation for any business is a logistical and costly nightmare. Not only can a mezzanine floor save you this headache with extra space but has the added benefit of being fully demountable to be moved to exactly where it is needed and is straightforward to put together. Where time is money, this is key and makes mezzanine flooring an effective storage solution.

  • Regulations and Planning Permission

In the majority of cases, most mezzanine floors do not require planning permission. Where it is required, this is a fairly straightforward process. With regards to building regulations, these are required, along with fire rating but should, as per planning permission be an inexpensive and uncomplicated process.


What we offer

At 3JC, we are experienced in offering the best storage solutions for the workplace or warehouse. Our 130 m2 mezzanine floor solution, with a floor to floor height of 3.05m, comes with a staircase included. For a larger space, our 350 m2 mezzanine floor is a great option.


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