Pallet racking is one of the most useful and widely used storage aid systems available for warehouses. Pallet racks serve many purposes and are suitable to store a wide variety of materials.

Pallet racks can be found in both large and smaller warehouses and factories, and have become common ground in most modern warehouses, factories, distribution centres, and many other kinds of storage and retail facilities.

One of the greatest benefits of pallet racking is its ability to take up very little warehouse or storage space. Thanks to all types of pallet racking featuring horizontal rows with multiple levels, pallet racks can be efficiently stored within their desired facility whilst keeping costs to a minimum.

As its name suggests, pallet racking is most suitable – and widely used for – the storage of pallets. However, it is also suitable for heavy duty shelving for box handling and order picking.

Factory and warehouse owners require pallet racking to accommodate different levels of storage demands; both widely spread areas to cover a large proportion of their warehouse and also much smaller regions, which only account for a minority of their storage facility.

Like many other work tools and items of warehouse equipment, factory and storage facility owners have a set budget for the pallet racking they plan on purchasing. It is often the case that used pallet racking is by far sufficient enough to meet the storage demands of warehouse managers who don't mind buying previously owned pallet racks.

Second-hand user shelving and racking storage systems never compromise quality and always pass our in-depth safety regulations. Factory owners can pick up top quality brands, including: Dexion, Esmena, Mecalux, SSI Schaefer, Polypal, Hi Lo APR, Link 51 Storage, as well as many other styles of used pallet racking.

Yet, for people who are looking for brand new storage solutions, they may be able to greatly improve their warehouse with our range of Apex pallet racking frames, which are suitable for our new Apex beams. Apex pallet racking is designed for strength, durability and easy assembly. All Apex pallet storage frames have a 8000kg UDL per-bay capacity and are supplied in KD kit form.

Storage solutions for beginners are again made easy thanks to new pallet racking kits. New pallet racking starter kits are designed to make pallet racking easy to buy and easy to install. Manufactured in the UK to highest SEMA standards.

For warehouse owners who already own sufficient pallet racking solutions, they can take advantage of the many pallet racking accessories available to help complete their factory setting. Pallet racking and shelving loading signs, Apex beam locking pins, Redirack beam locking pins, and 51 beam locking pins are a few examples of storage accessories that can greatly improve your warehouse.

Aside from the many styles of pallet racking storage systems mentioned in this article, there are many further forms of – and uses for – these types of warehouse storage devices.

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