Popular styles of pallet racking and its uses

What is pallet racking?


Pallet racking is a heavy duty storage and material holding system designed to store pallets. Pallet racking is an essential part of storage within modern warehouses, manufacturing facilities, retail centres, and storage facilities.


Why buy pallet racking?


Pallet racking is popular storage device for many reasons. As well as its widespread versatility for a number of different commercial and industrial environments, it is also extremely durable and affordable. Its ability to store pallets stacked on one another also saves space; leaving additional room for other items and devices.


As well as being durable, affordable and good at saving space, pallet racking is also trusted and used by the industry's most established and renowned companies. 


Another reason for pallet racking being the go-to resource for storage is its customisability depending on the user's needs. Pallet racking is available in many sizes and styles, which subsequently, makes it popular amongst consumers. 


Types of pallet racking


There are many styles of pallet racking, all of which are sufficient at storing warehouse materials in an organised and efficient way. 


Well known styles of pallet racking include:


Selective pallet racking - available in one of two configurations: a roll formed, or clip-in configuration, and a structural bolt-together configuration.


Roll formed selective rack - a storage system designed to rest horizontal load beams that are held in place by mounting clips. 


Structural pallet rack systems - similar to roll formed pallet rack systems except the horizontal load beams are attached to the uprights with bolts and have much greater weight-bearing capacity.


Selective pallet rack systems - designed to be an easy accessibility storage device to hold all products at simultaneously.


Other popular styles of pallet racking


In addition to the primary styles of pallet racking, the following categories are also popular: 


Used pallet racking - ideal for factory owners with a more limited budget, or those who do not require new pallet racking. 


New pallet racking - the most popular for of pallet racking today. 


Cantilever racking - almost exclusively used for the stowage of long, difficult and awkward goods such as lengths of steel or wood.


Pallet racking accessories - most notably frame protectors, pallet and board support bars, beam clips load signs and floor bolts. 


In addition to what has been mentioned about pallet racking in this article, we also offer a pallet racking explained guide for more in-depth information on the subject. 


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