Relocation Tips & Tricks


We all know that moving house can be a real headache, so imagine the difficulties of moving warehouses or factories. You might have to deal with heavy machinery, huge amounts of stock and multiple workstations and all this needs to be done with as little cost as possible, in the shortest time possible so that workflows are maintained and downtime is kept to a minimum.


Here are some of our tips and tricks to make relocating your business as painless as possible.


“Plan, Plan and then Plan some more”


The old saying goes ‘by failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail’ from a certain Benjamin Franklin, this is still very true today.


Preparing a day to have all services changed to your new location will help minimise issues and costs. When deciding a date you may need to find out how soon these services can be changed as some will take longer than others.


Letting customers and suppliers know in advance that you are moving. Tell them where you are and when you will be there by, this will help with deliveries to and from your address and customers will (hopefully) be little more understanding if you are experiencing any delays or communication issues.


Use it as an opportunity to tidy your existing workplace and throw out what you don’t need to take. This will save time and money on transporting unnecessary items that may not get used and will eventually end up being thrown out anyway.


“Out with the old and in with the new”

Old and New

Having enough storage to actually transport your inventory from one place to another. Boxes are you best friend (when the underside has been taped up properly!) and part boxes and storage containers can make your life a lot easier.


When moving big plant machinery use the professionals. They will have the necessary insurance if something goes wrong and that way you can keep your staff safe & sound and out of the way. Paying a little extra now could save a lot later on if anything were to go wrong.


Get your team behind you, things will play out much smoother with everyone pulling in the same direction. You can offer incentives such as early finish if a move is completed on a certain day or buy everyone lunch if they are helping out in their own time such as a weekend.



With 3JC’s wise words on Factory Relocation we hope that your relocation is a smooth and successful one, if you require any racking, shelving or storage to facilitate your move, check out our store or give us a call on 01743 874346 today!