The Shropshire Star recently reported that the warehouse industry has seen a recent boom in the job market. The growing business county has created a number of career opportunities for those looking for work in Shropshire.  

With the wide range of consumers in the industrial sector, which range from forklift and construction professionals to railway lines, the demand for warehouse products and services is growing in demand. 

Shropshire, Telford and Shrewsbury in particular, are host to a number of factories and warehouses. And with overall improvements in Britain's consumer sales, job prospects, and the property market, increases suggest positive signs of growth. 

3JC Ltd., industrial storage solution providers and one of the Midlands' most successful family-run businesses of its kind, have also seen growth in multiple areas. 

The firm has a total of three location points spread around Shropshire, and is constantly adding new items to their inventory to accommodate the demands of consumers around the nation. 

As the demands of supplies continue to rise, the need to stock more products continues to follow. 

Although 3JC supply stock online, displaying their entire collection on the web is rather difficult. The items in their warehouse are representative of their entire business. 

Customers are advised to call 3JC, or visit their warehouse directly. 

Click here to see their entire collection of pallet racking. Or here to see the rest of their warehouse storage solutions