The importance of a warehouse within any company should not be underestimated and ensuring there is a clear plan from the start will assist with many important decisions such as investment and operation costs. Here at 3JC we have years of experience assisting companies in planning and delivering warehouse equipment. We often share our knowledge across the web to help ease the process that comes with planning a new, or refurbishing an old, warehouse. In this article we run through our top tips to maintain a smooth running operation.

warehouse planning


1. Warehouse Management System

For any organisation with more than 5 warehouse operatives, a good Warehouse Management System (WMS) is recommended to assist with a number of general day to day requirements associated with running a warehouse.

  • Maintain staffing levels through peaks and troughs in demand. A good WMS will mean an increase in demand will not require the employment of further temporary staff as the system will decrease the throughput of items.

  • Used correctly, a WMS will act as the heart of operations and maximise the use of facilities from managing the inventory to efficient stock rotation.


2. Goals and Objectives

What are the main objectives of your warehouse? Do you need to hit certain targets to make a profit? Implementing reward systems when goals are achieved is a great strategy to have in place, maximising your chances of achieving target. Using certain systems, progress can be monitored and logged to significantly reduce any manual data collection. This not only monitors your employee’s progress but allows a greater level of accuracy for the data available to managers to effectively analyse and adjust targets.


3. Storage and Inventory

Maximising available space and ensuring a clear storage system should be a key part of your organisation within the warehouse. Not only will this increase efficiency but by storing correctly, you can minimise the need for extra storage space.

tips for planning a warehouse

One of the most popular types of storage system is pallet racking. Covered by the main category industrial racking, pallet racking is a heavy duty shelving system perfect for box handling and order picking. A good racking solution, such as pallet racking, is managed using a fork lift truck and has a high storage density. Pallet racking with a clear system will result in  a clear inventory system allowing easy tracking of best sellers and even a reorganised floor plan. 3JC stock a wide range of new and used pallet racking, contact us today to discuss your options.


4. Streamline Operations

Ensuring the process in your warehouse is streamlined ensures efficiency and increases productivity. Top tips for streamlining include maximising vertical space, analyse picking methodology and making the most of technology available to you in order to evaluate and improve systems. This constant evolution of improvement is important to maintain and exceed expectations, keeping up with competitors in your field.


5. Health and Safety

Health and Safety requirements should not be underestimated and the smallest considerations can make a big different in improving warehouse standards. Use the correct signage in the correct places to ensure you are compliant; make sure there is the facility for easy disposal of rubbish to ensure workspaces remain de-cluttered and lay matting in areas where employees are standing for long periods of time.


These are just a few suggestions of measures to be taken. An element of health and safety within any company is employees ensuring they are correctly equipped. Ensure there is information accessible to all employees covering this.

Planning your warehouse is a constant requirement to adapt and improve but by ensuring the basics are in place from the start will make transition easier in the future. 3JC stock a wide range of pallet racking,shelving, part boxes and a wide range of warehouse solutions. If you’d like to discuss any of our products further or how we can help you, contact us for more information.