Did you know the roof on a 'typical' four bed family home captures more than 100,000 litres (100 cu.m) of rainwater a year? With around 50% of water used for gardening during the driest months, there is a real opportunity to save money with the right know-how and equipment!


The answer to this is the humble water butt.

Water Butt


Often overlooked, purchasing a water butt is, in fact, a great way to start recycling water. We give you a rundown of our top tips and facts as we approach the warmest months of the year:


  • Water butts are available in a number of sizes, most commonly between 100-300 litres depending on the space you have available. Make sure you review which size will be best before you buy- too big or too small could prove problematic.


  • Setting your water butt off the ground allows for easy access as they often feature a tap. Also, ensure it is covered with a lid to keep the water as clean as possible.


  • Plants actually prefer rainwater! Not only are you saving money but your garden will also thank you.


  • To make the most of the water you have collected to use during the hotter months, water your plants in the evening. Less water will evaporate in the sun, increasing the amount that reaches the roots deep in the soil.


  • Water straight from the mains can be relatively hard and leave limescale deposits as well as increasing the alkaline levels in the soil. Rain water contains more nutrients so it is ideal for watering your garden.


  • Water butts are incredibly inexpensive for the long term solution that they offer.


Demand for water has grown by 1% per year for the last 75 years. Start collecting your rainwater now and build a supply to maintain your green space in an environmentally friendly, cost-effective way. At 3JC, we stock your perfect water collection and storage solutions. If you need further advice before you purchase, speak to our team today.