What Can Pallet Racking be Used For?


Pallet racking has been used as a method of storage for a long time, this is because it is one of the most effective ways to store items using the least amount of space possible. You will most commonly find pallet racking used in warehouses and factories as they have lots of space available for storage, but pallet racking is not restricted, you can use pallet racking in a garage or a small shop! This article will answer the question 'what can pallet racking be used for' and I will also explain what pallet racking is.


What is Pallet Racking?

Pallet racking is an efficient storage solution that is used to store materials on different levels of pallets. There are many different varieties of pallet racking but all of these are used for storage. This storage method involves placing pallets of horizontal rows onto vertical racks, these rows allow for a huge amount of storage and a forklift can be used to place the loaded pallets onto the racks.

Pallet Racking In Factory 

What Can Pallet Racking be Used For?

Pallet racking can be used for nearly all types of storage but these are the main uses of pallet racking:


Pallet Racking –Pallet racking is used very commonly in warehouses that require a lot of storage room. As the warehouses are so big it makes pallet racking very efficient as you can have more rows of pallets per square metre of floor space. Warehouses use pallet racking to store things like; new products ready to be dispatched, old products that are ready to be thrown away and also equipment for shops they own. As the pallet racking systems used are so big a forklift is often needed so that they can easily move pallets from the top rack, when using pallet racking for warehouses it is important to leave room for a forklift between each pallet rack. If this rule is ignored you could end up causing damage.What Can Pallet Racking Be Used For

Cantilever Storage – Cantilever racking is the ideal racking system for storing long items including pipes, windows, sheet metal and steel tubes. Cantilever racking is one of the most versatile pallet rack systems as storage items can be stored on pallets, can be stored loose and can be irregular in shape. This type of storage is most commonly used in builders merchants, wholesalers and steel stockholders, although this type of pallet rack can be used as storage for most items.

Cantilever Racking

Tyre Racking – Tyre racking is used in most of the garages in the UK. It is the same as pallet racking but there are no pallets, on each row there are two bars, these bars are used to hold the tyre in an upright position, maximising the efficiency of the tyre racking. Tyre racking is not usually as big as most other types of pallet racking as garages do not usually have enough room for the larger racking systems. Tyre racking is also much easier to put together than pallet racking and you do not require a forklift to access your tyres.

Tyre Racking

Bar and Sheet Racking – Bar and sheet racking is often used in schools and small shops. Sheet racking is optimised for items such as sheet metal and gym mats, they often come with wheels in order to make the items easily portable. Sheet racking is usually found in gyms and schools. Bar racking is optimised for long objects such as pipes and metal tubes. This type of racking is usually quite small so it is ideal for small shops and metalworks. You can also get vertical bar storage and this means of storage is more efficient, they also have wheels as it is very unlikely for the items to fall out of this racking.

Bar And Sheet Racking

Can I Make Use of Pallet Racking?

If you need an effective storage system then the answer is yes! We can make pallet racking at the size you require for the load capacity you require, so anyone can make use of pallet storage and nearly anything can be stored using racking from work tools to car parts. All we need to know is how high, how wide and how many levels you want your racking system to have and we can do an instant quote. It is a great storage alternative and will free up space in your property!


Is my Building Strong Enough for Pallet Racking?

Even if your building is not strong enough to hold pallet racking we can design your pallet racking to support the building. Using the pallet racking system we can support the ceiling of your building, making your building stronger and reducing the chance of unnecessary damage or an accident.


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