If space is key in the effective running of your warehouse as for most businesses, pallet racking is the answer.

With cost a constant consideration in any business, a warehouse that can run effectively will make the most of your investment in floor space.

The introduction of pallet racking really came into its own in 1915 with the introduction of the high lift fork truck and subsequent development that allowed these trucks to carry vertical stacks of unit loads. This saw a huge improvement in warehouse efficiency.

new pallet racking

Since initial introduction, improvements have been made to pallet racking systems in order to cater for many types of warehouses that now exist. With many options available, it is important to assess which type will work for your warehouse. The most popular being adjustable pallet racking.

Take a look at the top benefits of using a pallet racking system:


  • With racks made of steel, pallet racking is strong and can be sized according to the space available.
  • A key benefit of using pallet racking is the ability to save valuable contributing to an efficiently run warehouse. The use of vertical space is unlimited by the use of a forklift to bring down pallets as required.
  • In any warehouse environment, safety is key. Over time pallet racking has been developed and tested to ensure the use of high quality materials are effective in handling the weight of the pallets.
  • Our choice of racking, adjustable pallet racking combines both safety and adjustability to maximise the benefits available to you with the facility to accommodate specialised requirements as and when needed.

 Pallet Racking Systems

With so many advantages, comes the question of which brand do I go for? At 3JC we offer quality solutions from brands such as Dexion- a provider who forms part of the third largest provider of storage solutions for the Industrial sector in Europe, Link51- a company with over 60 years of experience and Polypal who name B&Q, Asda and Screwfix as some of their customers. With both new pallet racking and used pallet racking options available from 3JC, you are in capable hands with a wide range of warehouse solutions available including longspan and shortspan shelving options. Contact us for more information.