With just days to go until the shortest day of the year, anybody working on site will be well aware just how limited the daylight hours are. Even when it is daytime, visibility on site - both indoors and outdoors, can be considerably reduced in the winter months. Add to that factors such as the wet and cold, and it soon becomes clear how important it is to dress properly for the job in hand.

At 3JC, we offer a wide range of workwear and personal protective equipment to keep you warm, dry and safe whatever the season.

In this post, we look at some recommendations to help you beat the elements this winter.


Be Safe, Be Seen

The first rule of working safely on site is be seen. Hi-vis clothing is a prerequisite for a vast majority of site based work regardless of the season. However, in the dark winter months, the importance of such protective clothing is substantially increased. So too is the need to stay protected from the elements. We would recommend investing in a winter hi-vis jacket such as our High Visibility Fleece Jacket, which is fully compliant with EN471.

Winter Workwear

As stated by REMA, the trade association for manufacturers of retroreflective traffic safety products,BS EN 471 sets demanding minimum standards of visual performance and durability needed for high visibility clothing worn in the course of a trade or profession and is mandatory. Compliance with BS EN 471 ensures that the wearer is as visible as possible against varying backgrounds in ALL weather and lighting conditions (bright daylight as well as rain, mist, dusk and night-time) and that a garment’s conspicuity and structural integrity are retained over a reasonable service life in a workwear application.”

Our jackets are manufactured with premium quality, heavy duty 300g fleece making them far superior to many of the alternatives on the market. Available in sizes up to 3XL, they’ll easily go over extra layers if you are out in the cold for prolonged periods.

Another great jacket, and a favourite among our own staff, is the universal High Visibility 5 in 1 Bomber Jacket. Also compatible with EN 471, the jacket is a great all rounder with features including a detachable fleece inner, removeable sleeves, waterproof coating and a drawcord hood, it’ll certainly keep the wind and rain out.


Tread Steady

Keeping your feet properly clad is another winter workwear essential. Not only do you need to make sure you have a suitable amount of grip and protection, you also want to avoid getting cold feet.

A great piece of footwear that will keep the cold and damp out as well as offering maximum protection is our Click Safety Toe Work Boots. With a robust leather upper to fight the elements, and a 200 Joule steel toe cap, your feet are as safe as can be. Add to that the sturdy anti-slip soles which are also anti-static as well as oil, acid and alkali resistant and you can be sure that we’ve got you covered.

winter footwear

Given the infamous British climate (and this year is certainly proving to be no exception), it would be wise for any workman to have a pair of wellington boots in the arsenal. You can’t go wrong with our perfectly priced Dunlop Acifort Safety Wellington Boots. With steel toe and midsole, resistance to many chemicals and - most important of all - 100% water resistance, they’ll certainly keep your socks dry.

Of course, along with these safety essentials, it also pays to keep the extremities warm, especially head and hands. We have a selection of hats and gloves to finish off your winter wardrobe. The only thing we can’t offer is a Santa hat!

On behalf of all the team at 3JC, we would like to wish all of our customers a very merry Christmas and a happy, safe and productive New Year.