Have you considered employment in a warehouse? If not, maybe you should! 

Not only does it open up a huge range of opportunities with career development but also can be very varied with transferable skills. The jobs available cover a wide spectrum, we explore the main categories of roles available that you may consider.


General Labour

A general labourer is a very important role for the day to day running of the warehouse. They are required to assist with loading, unloading, cleaning, packing and labeling.

Whilst carrying out these duties it is possible to learn more about the general processes in the warehouse. As this role is physically demanding, general labourers need to be physically fit and be able to be on their feet for long periods of time.




 Warehouse Worker


Skilled Labour

A labourer often with specialist skills, these employees are essential to the jobs that often require specialist training.

Depending on the type of warehouse, specialist skills can widely vary for example those working in refrigeration require different skills to those in auto mechanics.



  • Forklift operators
  • Material handlers
  • Tractor trailer drivers


Warehouse Manager


Operations Management

A different area to consider within warehouse employment is management. To manage in a warehouse environment can require more skills as the likes of health and safety are very important. Not only must you be able to oversee the running of various operations, skills such as budgeting and handling customer care must also be considered depending on the level of management.



  • Team leader
  • Section manager
  • Operations manager


Admin Staff


Administrative Support

Key to the running of the warehouse is the administration team for not only completing data entry, accounting and prepare contracts, but also to assist the overall running of the operations with safety administration and logistics.

Roles within this area generally require that you possess typing skill as well as accounting, customer care and healthy and safely certification depending on the specific role undertaken.



  • Secretary
  • Accounts
  • Data Entry/Typist



As you can see, the roles available within a warehouse are certainly not limited and actually cover a substantial spectrum to suit both those who work better in a physical role and those who are more academic, with both options offering progression.

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