Armorgard Chemcube Chemical Storage CabinetArmorgard Chemcube Chemical Storage CabinetArmorgard Chemcube Chemical Storage Cabinet

Armorgard Chemcube Chemical Storage Cabinet

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Armorgard Chemcube Chemical Storage Cabinet.
• For the safe storage of pesticides and other hazardous chemicals.
• Constructed from heavy duty durable plastic.
• UV protective coating to prevent fading and becomin brittle.
• Plastic is not warped or affected by most chemicals that can corode metal.
• Vent on the side to prevent the build-up of fumes or gases.
• Lockable & supplied with 2 keys.
• Bunded safety feature controls any possible spillages.
• All models fitted with two aluminium shelves.
• Choose from 3 models.

This Model:
External: 695 x 515 x 1310mm
Internal: 660 x 450 x 1260mm
Available in three sizes, the Armorgard Chemcube Cabinet ™ is purpose built to keep your chemicals safe and accessible.
Constructed from durable UV resistant plastic that doesn’t corrode, these sturdy cabinets feature robust shelving, a leak-proof sump to contain accidental spillages and a vent to prevent the build-of fumes or gases.
For extra convenience, the smallest size is also wall-mountable.
1-2 working days.