Feeling overwhelmed by a messy office? You’re not alone!

In today’s busy world, keeping things organised can be a challenge. But imagine transforming your workspace into a calm, clutter-free zone that boosts your focus and productivity. That’s exactly what Allstore Clear Boxes can do!

Made right here in the UK, these handy storage solutions come in various sizes and styles, perfect for tackling all your office clutter needs. Whether you’re juggling files, stationery, or even tech accessories, there’s an Allstore Box waiting to bring order to the chaos.

The Importance of Efficient Storage

The efficient organisation of your workspace is not merely about aesthetics. It has a direct impact on your productivity, efficiency, and overall work satisfaction. Clutter can lead to wasted time, increased stress, and decreased productivity.

By implementing effective storage solutions such as the Allstore Plastic Storage Boxes, you can easily organise and access your items, leading to an improved work environment.

Understanding Your Storage Needs

Before selecting the appropriate Allstore Plastic Storage Box for your needs, it’s important to evaluate what items you need to store. Start by decluttering your workspace and identifying the items that require storage. Consider factors such as the size, shape, and quantity of items and how frequently you will need to access them. This will help you determine the size and type of storage box that best suits your requirements.

Moreover, think about the duration for which you plan to store your items. If you’re storing items for a short period, a smaller storage box may suffice. However, for longer periods or larger items, you might need a larger storage box.

Maximising Your Existing Storage Space

Before investing in additional storage solutions, ensure you are making the most of your existing storage space. You might be surprised at how much additional space you can create just by reorganising your current storage areas.

Remember not to overcrowd your storage spaces to avoid damage to your items or creating unnecessary clutter.

Measuring Your Belongings

Choosing the right Allstore Plastic Storage Box is easy when you get the measurements just right. To ensure your stuff fits snugly and comfy, it’s important to figure out how much space they’ll need.

Simply grab your items and measure their length and width in centimetres. Then multiply those two numbers together. This calculation gives you the total area they’ll need in the box.

Don’t forget to consider the height of your belongings too. Imagine stacking them all up neatly—that’s the space you’ll need in cubic centimetres. By measuring both area and height, you’ll have all the information you need to choose the perfect Allstore Box size, no matter what you’re storing.

Introducing Allstore Plastic Storage Boxes

Allstore Plastic Storage Boxes, available through 3JC Ltd., are a versatile and reliable storage solution. These boxes are manufactured in the UK and offer a wide range of sizes, from 0.1 litre to 85 litres, ensuring a perfect fit for your specific storage needs.

Each box features a clear base and lid for easy identification of contents, stackability for efficient use of space, a clip lock handle for secure closure, and a reinforced base and corners for durability.

Allstore Plastic Storage Box Size 01 (0.1 Litre)

The most compact option within the Allstore range, the Size 01 clear plastic box delivers functionality in a small package. With dimensions suited for organising office supplies, craft items, and other small objects, it still incorporates the same durable elements present in larger models.

  • Capacity: 0.1 Litre
  • Dimensions: 100mm long x 65mm wide x 25mm tall
  • Stackable: Yes
  • Lid: Clear, with clip lock handle
5026A Allstore 0.1 Litre

Allstore Plastic Storage Box Size 33 (85 Litre)

For larger storage needs, the Allstore Plastic Storage Box Size 33 offers a generous 85 litres of storage space. It’s ideal for storing larger items or a larger quantity of smaller items. Like all boxes in the range, it features a clear base and lid, a clip lock handle, and a reinforced base and corners for durability.

  • Capacity: 85 Litre
  • Dimensions: 660mm long x 440mm wide x 390mm tall
  • Stackable: Yes
  • Lid: Clear, with clip lock handle
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5026A Allstore 0.1 Litre 1


Organising your workspace with Allstore Plastic Storage Boxes from 3JC Ltd. can significantly enhance your productivity and efficiency. With their range of sizes and durable design, these boxes offer a versatile and reliable storage solution for any office environment.

If you’re ready to transcend clutter and fine-tune your office storage, visit the 3JC Ltd. website today to explore the full range of Allstore Plastic Storage Boxes. Remember, an organised workspace is a productive workspace!

FAQs about Allstore Clear Boxes

1. What are Allstore Clear Boxes?

Allstore Clear Boxes are multi-purpose plastic storage boxes made from impact-resistant polypropylene and have separate lids with clip-lock handles. They come in various sizes and capacities and are ideal for storing and organising various items at home or in the office.

 2. What are the benefits of using Allstore Clear Boxes? 

Allstore Clear Boxes have several benefits, such as:
  • They are transparent, which makes it easy to identify the contents inside.
  • They are stackable, which saves space and prevents them from sliding off each other.
  • They are durable, which protects the contents from damage and ensures long-lasting use.
  • They are versatile, which means they can be used for different purposes, such as storing paper, clothes, toys, tools, food, etc.

3. How do I clean and maintain Allstore Clear Boxes? 

Maintaining the Allstore Clear Boxes is effortless. The smooth plastic enables swift cleaning with just a damp cloth or sponge and a mild cleaning solution when necessary. Avoid using abrasive scourers or materials as they may scratch the surface. It’s best to keep the boxes away from direct sunlight or heat sources, which could potentially warp or damage the sturdy plastic over time. With proper care, the boxes will retain their clear finish.

4. Are Allstore Clear Boxes eco-friendly? 

Allstore Clear Boxes are eco-friendly, as they are made from prime UK materials and are recyclable. You can dispose of them in the appropriate recycling bins or centres or reuse them for other purposes. You can also reduce your environmental impact by buying only the necessary boxes and using them for as long as possible