Identify Your Racking Pins

3JC are a leading supplier in the UK for new and used pallet racking. Our friendly design team are on hand to provide you with bespoke solutions to meet all of your requirements to maximise the space you have available.

As our knowledge has grown, so has our understanding of customer experience. Adding to an existing pallet racking system is often the most cost effective way of expanding your racking capacity as replacing a system can be an expensive business!! However, we know that with the amount of choice out there, matching your pallet racking with a brand can be confusing!

This is why we have created this page which allows you to find out which brand you have to save time in the ordering process. Below are some of the biggest and most common makes, such as Apex, Link 51, Dexion and many more.

Once you know your brand, contact our 3JC sales team on 01743 874346 or and let us quote you on your requirements or view our range of locking pins here.

Are your racking pins not there? Why not try identifying your racking beams or racking frames?

Racking Pins