6 Things To Consider Before Installing A Racking System

Racking systems are great because they maximise space to store various things. However, this doesn’t mean you should simply go out there, pick the first racking system you find, and have it installed. There are many considerations to be made before buying and installing one to ensure that you install the perfect solution that helps maximise your space and makes using the racking system quick and straightforward.

Here are the things you need to consider before installing a racking system:

1. Available Space

The first and most important consideration you need to make before installing a racking system is whether or not you have enough space to install it. Some racking systems require a lot of floor space, while others require less. In addition, you should also consider whether there is enough ceiling space to install the racking system. If not, you may need to install a ceiling-mounted rack system. Ideally, you should have a free area of at least 3 feet to install a racking system.

2. Number of Products

Another essential consideration you need to make before installing a racking system is the number of products you need to store. If you have a lot of products to store, you should invest in a racking system that is capable of storing your products with ease. A good racking system should store at least 1360kgs / 3,000 pounds of product. However, the more products you need to store, the more expensive the racking system will become.

3. The Product Type

Another factor you should consider before choosing a racking system is the product you need to store. You need to know how heavy the product you need to store is, the product’s dimensions, and the product’s shape to determine the best racking system to store your product.

4. The Environment

The environment your racking system will be installed in is another important factor you should consider. Different environments require different racking systems. For example, an indoor environment requires a fire-rated racking system. Alternatively, an outdoor environment requires a waterproof racking system. In addition, you also need to consider whether your racking system will be installed in a harsh environment. You need to invest in a racking system that can withstand such an environment if it will.

5. The Load Capacity

As mentioned, the load capacity of a racking system is an important factor to consider. However, you should know that not all systems have the same load capacity. Some systems have a very high load capacity, while others have a lower load capacity.

6. Additional Features

You need to consider whether or not the racking system you are planning to buy comes with any additional features. If it does, you need to know what features it comes with and the exact purpose of each feature before you make a decision. Additional features can improve the functionality and performance of a racking system. For example, an automatic door opener can make using a racking system more convenient.


Now that you know what to consider before buying and installing a racking system, you should be able to make the perfect choice when shopping for one. For instance, if your product is too heavy or extremely bulky, you may have to consider buying a heavy-duty racking system. On the other hand, if your product is relatively light, you can opt for a lighter-duty racking system. Regardless, always do your research when buying a racking system. This way, you ensure you put your money into a system that promotes your productivity, not hurt it.

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