3 Most Understated Benefits of Picking and Parts Bins

ECommerce sales grow at rapid rates because of two primary reasons: convenience and speedy deliveries. But what many stores miss is that delivery is a crucial part of keeping customers satisfied. Studies show that eight out of ten shoppers would likely switch retailers if delivery options aren’t as quick, convenient and cheap as they expect.
Two-thirds of shoppers are willing to pay a little extra to receive same-day shipping and cut the hassle of waiting for their purchases. So why do some businesses still consciously miss out on faster shipping?

What Are Picking and Parts Bins?

Picking or parts bins are used to describe pick bins, stacking boxes, shelf bins and other stuff used to store orders. They may be made from corrugated cardboard or modulated plastic, but their primary purpose is to organise stock on shelves or racking to decrease picking times. They enable companies to provide lesser lead times to their customers.
Here are some overlooked advantages of picking and parts bins:

1. Easily Manage and Monitor Your Stock Levels with Picking and Parts Bins

Picking and parts bins allow for easy monitoring and recording of stock levels, a challenge often undergone by businesses. Some stores are poor at managing their stock and may still offer a particular product to customers, only to find out that they’ve run out of stock. That can significantly upset customers waiting to receive their delivery, especially if they’ve already sent their payment for the item.
So even when picking bins are generally for organising stock and helping your pickers retrieve and arrange more items quickly, they allow you to easily monitor your stock levels in just one look. Picking bins can help you visually check your stock when you organise them by colour, size, material and other indicative features.
You’ll also quickly see when you need to replenish your stock so that you can properly serve your customers and avoid troubling them with out-of-stock items or late deliveries.

2. Protect Your Stock From Dust and Moisture

Warehouses contain various stocks of different materials, so they are expected to harbour dust and moisture. Even when you have forklifts to carry your stock, they may still have dust build-up and be exposed to temperature changes that may result in condensation.
Dust and moisture may settle in your inventory and create a negative experience for your customers, prompt customers to return items that have been damaged with moisture, or be marked as not fit for sale.

3. Reduce Labour Costs and Improve Staff Efficiency

The expenses you put into fulfilling orders are associated with labour costs. Your staff processes orders, manages and arranges inventory in the warehouse, picks stocks, packs them and prepares for dispatching deliveries.
You can make inventory retrieval in your warehouse more efficient for your staff by using picking and parts bins. That enables your team to be more productive and process more orders in short periods.
That allows for business growth while reducing average labour costs for every order picked from your warehouse. The cost you save may be directed to inventory, marketing or staff training.

Conclusion on Picking and Parts Bins

Picking and parts bins is an understated part of eCommerce, but it should be given more attention, especially when you want to better your business. Use these three benefits to improve your inventory, help your staff and overall improve your business processes.
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