Selecting the Best Industrial Shelving for Storage

Industrial storage options are more varied than ever. The most common types of industrial storage are modular shelving systems and pallet racking, but there is a whole range of options for different situations, including plastic pick bins and pallet boxes for larger items. Shelving solves a problem for businesses to increase the efficiency of their warehouse and at the same time helps them to reduce wasted space.

Retail goods are generally shipped to warehouses in bulk and then stored on pallets, which can be stacked several layers high throughout the warehouse. Pallets offer a more economical option than storing everything directly on shelves. But there’s often little flexibility in warehousing goods because pallets come in only two common sizes – 1200x100mm and 12000x800mm – so they’re not optimised for every situation.

Choosing the type of shelving for your warehouse matters. This is why this blog post will walk you through the different shelving options available to help you make the best choice.

Selecting the Best Industrial Shelving for Storage

1 – Bin Shelving

Bin shelving offers several advantages over pallets. For one thing, it allows you to customise the height and length of each unit completely. The bins can be stacked high or low, depending on what you need. There’s also very little wasted space since the containers can be built to fit snugly in one another. This maximises the density of storage space. Bins and boxes can also be mounted in different ways depending on the application. From wall mounted bins on louvre panels, to stacking directly on shelves,  to bins on trolleys and even free standing larger bins and boxes.

2 – Archive shelving

Archive shelving is an option that companies specifically use for storage of files and documents where there is a requirement to keep hold of this paperwork for an extensive period of time. Longspan shelving is often the preferred choice for archive storage due to its strength. Archive shelving can supplied ready to put your own archive boxes straight on to, or a compete kit with shelving and boxes can be offered too.

3 – Long Span Shelving

Long span shelving is a great option for warehouses that need to maximise storage space. This type of storage system works great for storing long lengths of goods and bulky items., even when they might otherwise be difficult to stack. The modular design of Longspan shelving allows it to work in many different environments, from offices and storerooms, to laboratories and warehouses. In addition, there is multiple different shelf material options, from chipboard to wire mesh. Longspan shelving benefits from high weight capacities up to around 500KG per shelf, only pallet racking is superior to this.

4 – Shortspan Shelving

These shelving systems are particularly efficient for storing smaller and lighter goods and items. Typically 1000mm to 1200mm wide, shortspan shelving bays are available at various different depths. Weight capacities vary between 100kg to 300kg. They have a very sturdy design that includes either stell of chipboard shelves. The shelves are often fully height adjustable to allow storage of a range of goods..

5 – Cantilever Racking

Cantilever racking has been used for years in retail stores (particularly DIY and Builders Merchants) for storage for long lengths of the product (timber and steel lengths etc) and it can be used effectively in warehouses as well. The biggest advantage that cantilever racking offers is that it’s not limited to vertical storage. Goods can be stored in aisles both above and below one another. This allows for more efficient storage without taking up as much space.

Conclusion for the Best Industrial Shelving

The right storage system can help you to store all kinds of goods, from pallets to heavy machinery. The best way to find the perfect storage system for your warehouse is to start by figuring out what you need and then move on to deciding how you want to store your items.

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