5 Factors to Consider Before Buying the Best School Locker

The need for lockers in schools is subject to debate. However, having one will make it easier for students to manage their books and school supplies for several years. Think about the convenience they will experience as they walk around the halls without a heavy bag on their shoulders.

Indeed, lockers are integral for promoting a child’s safety in terms of their health and personal belongings. But if you’re considering buying new lockers, how do you decide which choice is the best?

Here are some factors to consider to help you buy the best school lockers for students:

1. Material Used

A student’s locker is an all-year-round investment. Therefore, it matters what material it is made of. There are various materials available to choose from in the market—steel, plastic, woven wire mesh, and wirecloth. Of course, the metal ones are less expensive and the most common choice. They are also more versatile in size, and some come with an anti-bacterial feature which is ideal for disinfection and keeping things clean at all times.

2. The Perfect Size of School Locker

School lockers come in three different sizes, all varying dimensions. There are cube variants that are approximately 300 millimetres, low variants sporting 380 millimetres, and high variants that are 450 millimetres in width.

The perfect size of a locker depends on a student’s height and needs. Low lockers are ideal for kids aged eight and younger. Meanwhile, the taller versions are more suitable for older students.

3. Number of Compartments

School lockers have become more accommodating to the needs of the students over the years. Nowadays, another factor to consider is the number of compartments the locker has. Multiple compartments are ideal for schools where there is limited space for taller lockers. These lockers come in smaller sizes but with more space due to several compartments, making them more space-efficient.

4. Shared or Not

There are two types of lockers: single-door and multi-door. Both are great additions to any school hallway and will help students have a great year. Single-door lockers are the best choice for students who do not need to share their lockers with anybody. It’s appropriate-sized storage for bags and some sports items. Meanwhile, a multi-door locker sets two different storage compartments good enough for two pupils. Although it carries less storage space, it is a more cost and space-efficient choice.

5. Lock Type for School Locker

Security is a crucial factor to consider in choosing a storage space such as lockers. Students should be free to leave their belongings in them, making it essential to pick the best lock for their safety.

There are many different lock types, from standard cylinder locks to advanced ones like digital locks. All of these locks work well enough for guarding your items. Therefore, choose the type that is the easiest for the student to operate.


Aside from the convenience a locker offers to students, think of the health benefits it will bring them, too. In a study done with children between 8 and 13 years old, it was found that a heavy bag is one of the reasons why most children suffer from back pains at an early age. Carrying a backpack more than 10 per cent of their body weight is dangerous and may lead to the prevalence of pain in their spine, which is one of the best reasons to install high-quality, secure school lockers in your school today.

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