Identifying a Damaged Rack: Tell-Tale Signs to Watch Out For

Pallet racking damages are uncommon in warehouses because of the safety requirements in place. These mishaps are almost always the result of a mistake that could have been avoided. Humans set up pallet racking systems. Knowing when a problem arises can help ensure that it is addressed before it becomes a safety issue.
Here are some common warning signs that suggest you have a damaged racking system:

It Shakes When Pushed

Regardless of the strain exerted on it, a properly installed pallet racking system should not tremble. If your rack system wobbles when you shake it, it’s because the installers didn’t utilise shims. Before you figure out what’s causing the wobble, make sure your floor is level.

Workers are at risk when working around wobbly storage racks. If they fail, that error might cost the corporation alot of money in damages. It is critical to contact a service provider right away and have the problem addressed.

The Row Spacers Have Been Crushed or Folded

The spacers become loaded and deform when a pallet racking system is placed incorrectly. The row spacers adapt to a more stable condition where they can withstand the weight of the storage boxes, resulting in this folding. Unload the rack if this distortion is noticeable. You must install shims, and you must replace any damaged spacers.

Beams Are Too Close Together

Removing a beam safety pin should be a breeze when old storage racks or new ones are correctly placed. If you have to use a hammer to remove the beam, the rack has likely shifted and become insecure. You can also fix the problem by adjusting the shim.

It Requires Custom Hardware

Storage rack systems are available in a variety of sizes. You can use standard pallet support in the last and first rack bays. If this is not the case, the rack was most likely not placed correctly. It’s also possible that the rack was relocated or hit. If this is the case, you’ll need to reset your rack to get it straight again. You can accomplish this with standard hardware.

Some Hardware Components Are Missing

It’s a sign of tampering if you find missing safety latches on a beam’s end. Either the rack was struck, or the installation was done incorrectly. A safety lock ensures that the rack will not fall out of place if it is hit below.

There Is Visible Damage

While you can do a lot to keep a used storage rack stable and safe, understanding when to replace it is just as vital. When inspecting the rack from a standing position, any straight edge with less than 3/16′ of left or right damage should be left alone. Also, if the upright bends backward by less than 1/8″, this is normal and does not require adjustment.

Please take note of the damage and keep an eye on it. If the damage develops, consider having it repaired before using the shelves again.

The Rack Is Not Perfectly Straight

While all of the signs above point to a faulty shelf, most of them have a visual indication, such as the rack slanting. If you find that your used storage rack isn’t straight and has rack damage, it’s a clue that it’ll need to be repaired. In cross-aisle and down directions, a plumb tolerance of 14″ per ten feet is advised.

Keep Your Racking System Safe at All Times!

The most straightforward approach to ensure your pallet rack’s safety is to schedule a regular safety walk. You can do this with a supervisor present. You can detect damage by the extra set of eyes and deal with it properly.

Conclusion – Identifying a Damaged Rack

If fixing the damages does not work, maybe you require a racking system upgrade. If your company is having racking system issues, please don’t hesitate to contact 3JC. We can upgrade your current warehouse pallet racking system to ensure that your warehouse performs at its best. Please call 01743 874346 for assistance.