One of the most common challenges that businesses face may be in terms of storage. Besides carrying out the right hygienic measures to ensure everyone’s health and safety, capacity is another issue that can be tough to come to terms with. There are many industrial storage shelving systems available, but it’s most certainly not a one-size-fits-all situation.

The variety of industrial storage types and options are vast. Companies can take their pick from long span shelvingshort span shelving, container shelving and more. Choosing the right one for your business can be a little dizzying, but there’s no need to worry. Here’s a rundown of factors that you should consider when picking out a shelving system:

1. Length – long span storage shelving system

If the goods that your company are selling seem larger and longer, it may be better to get long span shelving systems instead. These shelves and the many tiers that it offers are perfect for big rolls of fabric, bags of clothing and the like. Smaller brackets may cramp up and damage some of these larger items, after all.

Longspan shelving systems can also be a good investment in terms of the quantity of the items that you’re selling, providing more support and space. However, if the length isn’t necessarily an issue, short span shelving systems can do just the trick for your industrial storage needs as well. They’re perfect for smaller warehouses with more limited space.

2. Containment

Different items require all sorts of storage units while being placed on the shelf. Containment improves efficiency during the packing and shipping process. With everything categorised, it would be easy to slip it off the shelf and take what you need before putting it back in its place. Try to be mindful of the product when storing them away.

Some people opt for bigger box kits that are slightly more transparent, while others prefer opaque containers labelled on the outside instead. The material and the design of the boxes can also vary depending on the item inside.

3. Condition of  storage shelving system

Most people eye a brand new shelf when going through industrial storage shelving systems. Of course, there are plenty of perks from getting something that’s never been used before, but saving a few pounds on preloved industrial storage shelves isn’t so bad either.

Granted, businesses should only purchase from legitimate providers to ensure that these used shelves aren’t in bad condition. It’s still possible to find that good quality in secondhand racks.

4. Items

The last factor that businesses have to consider is the items that will be stored away in this shelving system.

Are they vulnerable to damage?

Do they require a lot of space?

Are they heavy or light?

Answering these questions and discussing with a supplier can lead to professional advice about what shelf may match. Don’t be afraid to accept help when determining what the best industrial shelving system is for the goods and services your business curates.


Putting some thought into choosing your shelving system can greatly improve your business’s industrial storage endeavours. There’s a solution available for everyone, so explore what unit your business and stocks need throughout the daily operations.

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