3 Benefits of Longspan Shelving for the Retail Sector

Longspan shelving is a great way to increase your retail sales, and many business owners claim that long span shelving has resulted in higher profit margins. Essentially, long span shelving creates more space within a store by creating multiple levels of storage space, making it ideal for displaying products bought from a wholesale distributor. Here are some of its benefits to the retail sector: Whilst traditional gondola type retail shelving maybe ideal for smaller components, Longspan may be the better option for larger goods.

1.Lightweight & Durable

Compared the pallet racks, the lightweight nature of long span shelving makes it an excellent choice for the retail sector. No matter which type of longspan shelving you choose to purchase, it is neither too heavy nor too light, making it perfect for retail applications where unskilled or semi-skilled labour will be used to install and set up. This is because it is easy to manoeuvre and move around on site.

Longspan shelving is also highly durable. Due to the longer spans, resulting in less bays, the cost of longspan shelving can be more economical when compared to other types of shelving, and its durability allows it to outlast almost any other kind of retail shelving.

2. Adjustable

It is no secret that retail comes in many different shapes, sizes and forms. While one store may be tiny, another may be a large warehouse. Whichever store you own and operate, longspan shelving is capable of being adjusted to meet your exact needs.

Longspan shelving is adjustable in both height, length and depth, allowing you to adjust the level of the shelves to accommodate any product you want to sell. This is ideal for business owners because they can increase their retail space while minimising their up-front costs.

3. Equipment Compatibility

Longspan shelving is requires little to none equipment to operate. Shelves are typically loaded by hand without the need for mechanical equipment. You may find trolleys are used to move goods to and from the shelving, buts that’s likely to be equipment you already have. . This is ideal for the retail sector because it allows you to use the equipment you already own to move the shelving and shelving units where you need them.

What to Look for When Buying Longspan Shelving for Retail Sector

Many different companies offer longspan shelving, so it is important to research any company you want to purchase longspan shelving from. If a company has been in the business of manufacturing longspan shelving for over 20 years, they are more likely to have the experience needed to manufacture durable shelving. However, just because they’ve been in the business for a long time doesn’t mean they can deliver quality products.

Ask around for recommendations. While the best ones to ask are your business connections, you can also read reviews.

Some longspan shelving products are designed for storage purposes only. However, the heavy-duty storage type is ideal for retail and will stack high to store multiple levels of products. These types of longspan shelving are suitable for retail businesses because they can store many products and maximise each unit’s height.

Invest in Longspan Shelving for the Retail Sector

It is no secret that longspan shelving for the Retail Sector has become more popular. This is because longspan shelving creates more space and creates multiple storage levels. Therefore, it is ideal for retail businesses because it allows them to maximise the amount of space they have in the least amount of time.

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