As a trusted storage solutions provider, we understand the importance of maintaining your twinslot shelving.

Prolonging the durability of your shelving system ensures it remains valuable and attractive for years to come.

This guide offers the essential tips to keep your twin slot shelving in top condition.

Understanding Twin Slot Shelving Systems

Twin slot shelving systems have been a staple in industry storage solutions for decades. Known for their robustness and quality, they offer a modular and adaptable solution for any space.
Unlike single-slot systems, twin-slot shelving systems feature double the number of slots, facilitating stronger bracketing, better weight distribution, and, ultimately, a more reliable shelf design.
Their design consists of “U” slots into which the brackets slide. This allows for easy and customisable installation of shelving units.

Why Choose Twin Slot Shelving Systems

When choosing a shelving system, the decision often comes down to factors such as ease of installation, Appearance, and intended use. Twinslot shelving systems score high on all these points.

Ease of Installation

Once the uprights are installed, the rest of the system can be customised and changed by simply moving them.


Twin slot shelving systems offer a neat, professional look that suits various environments, from offices and schools to homes and hospitals.
You can install any shelf you choose onto the brackets, from wood to metal.

Here’s What You Need to Build Your Perfect Twinslot Shelves:

Twinslot Shelf Boards

Choose from a range of shelf boards to match your Twinslot shelving system.

We offer 18mm thick boards in raw chipboard (no edging) or white melamine (edged).

The shelf boards come in four sizes:

250mm Shelves – suitable for the 220mm Brackets.

300mm Shelves – ideal for the 270mm Brackets.

350mm Shelves – suitable for the 320mm Brackets.

400mm Shelves – perfect for the 370mm Brackets
twinslot raw chipboard shelf

Twinslot Shelf Bracket

Secure your shelf boards with sturdy shelf brackets for your Twinslot shelving system.

The shelf brackets come in four sizes:

220mm (ideal for 250mm deep shelves).

270mm (ideal for 300mm deep shelves).

320mm (ideal for 350mm deep shelves).

370mm (ideal for 400mm deep shelves).

The shelf brackets come in two colours: White Matt and black

You can also get the matching uprights and shelf boards separately.

twinslot shelf bracket black

Twinslot Shelf Upright

Attach your shelf brackets to easy-to-install uprights for your Twinslot shelving system.

The uprights come in five sizes:






The uprights come in two colours: White Matt, black

You can also get the matching shelf brackets and shelf boards separately.

twinslot shelf upright white

Identifying the Right Fixings for Twin Slot Shelving Systems

It’s all about wall fixings when installing your twin-slot shelving system. Depending on the type of wall you have, there are different types of fixings recommended.

Plasterboard Walls

For plasterboard walls, spring toggles are often recommended.

Brick Walls

For brick walls, the use of heavy-duty plugs and screws are suggested.

Stud Walls

For stud walls, locating the studs and screwing directly into them is the best option.

In all cases, the key is to ensure that the chosen fixings can handle the weight you intend to place on the shelves.

Installing Twin Slot Shelving Systems

When installing your shelves, it’s crucial to have the correct screws and wall plugs. For instance, a 5mm x 70mm screw along with a 30mm long wall plug which requires a 7/8mm hole is often recommended.

Moreover, ensure that your uprights are pretty close and use decent heavy-duty plugs.

Maximising the Strength of Twin Slot Shelving Systems

Remember, the longer the uprights, the more screws you can attach, increasing the overall strength of your shelving system. Furthermore, if the uprights rest on the floor, gravity won’t pull the bracket downward.

Checking Wall Strength

Before installing your twin-slot shelving system, it’s essential to check the strength of your walls. The strength of your wall fixings is a significant factor rather than the shelving itself.

Organising Your Twin Slot Shelving

Once your twin slot shelving is installed, it’s crucial to organise it for aesthetics and easy access. A disorganised shelf might look untidy and even cause unnecessary stress.

Maintaining Your Twin Slot Shelving

Like any other household or office item, your twin-slot shelving system requires regular maintenance to ensure its prolonged durability. Regular dusting, checking the strength of the fittings, and rearranging the items on the shelves can help maintain your shelves.


The twin-slot shelving system is a versatile, robust, and easy-to-install storage solution. With the right fixtures and regular maintenance, it can serve your storage needs for years. Remember, the key to a long-lasting shelving system is proper installation, correct use, and regular upkeep.

Frequently Asked Questions About Twin Slot Shelving:

1. How much weight can twin slot shelving hold?

Twin slot shelving can hold up to 55 kg per 200 mm vertically when screwed into a concrete wall with appropriate plugs and up to 110 kg when assembled correctly with another upright and two brackets. However, the weight capacity may vary depending on the wall material, the type of wall plugs and screws used, and the quality of the shelving components.

2. What is the purpose of a shelving unit?

A shelving unit is a piece of furniture or a structure that provides storage space and organisation for various items, such as books, clothes, kitchenware, plants, etc. Shelving units can also serve as decorative elements that enhance the aesthetic appeal of a room by displaying personal effects, artworks, and ornaments.

3. Why is shelving better?

Shelving can be versatile and multifunctional, as you can use it in different rooms, such as storing books, spices, towels, tools, etc. You can also change the function of the shelves over time as your needs and tastes change.

4. What is the rule for spacing shelves?

There is no definitive rule for spacing shelves, as it depends on the size and shape of the objects you want to store or display, as well as your preference and style. However, some general guidelines are.

5. How many brackets do I need per shelf?

The number of brackets you need per shelf depends on the length and depth of the shelf, as well as the weight and distribution of the items you want to put on the shelf. You should use at least two brackets per shelf, one at each end, and space them evenly along the wall. If your shelf is longer than 36 inches, you may need more than two brackets to prevent sagging. If your shelf is deeper than 12 inches, you may need more extended brackets to support the shelf.

6. How many uprights do you need for twin slot shelves?

The number of uprights you need for twin slot shelves depends on the length of the shelves and the distance between the uprights. As a guideline, we recommend at least two uprights for the first 100cm of shelf length and then at least one further upright for every additional 50cm.