Pallet Racking Accessories You Need for Your Warehouse

When you own or run a warehouse, you want to make sure that it’s a safe facility for your workers and one that makes work more efficient.

To help you with that, here are some popular pallet racking accessories and how they can help you achieve your goals for your warehouse:

Row Spacers

Row spacers are used in pallet racking to help keep pallets spaced a uniform distance apart. They can help you achieve your desired pallet stacking height and help you when using automated stacking systems.

Row spacers are usually made out of round steel, and they provide support to the upright. The most common spacers are generally 32mm and 50mm. The 32mm diameter is great for smaller spaces, and the 50mm is used in larger pallet racking.

Rack Labels and Signs

You can use rack labels to help identify your pallets, which can help your workers find and maintain them more quickly. The labels can be applied at the top and bottom of each upright. They can also be placed on the face of the pallets to help workers see them easily, and they can help you identify how many pallets are in each row at a glance.

Pallet racking signs, for the most part, are used for safety. For example, if you have pallets containing hazardous materials, you’ll want to make sure your workers are aware of it so that they know how to handle the pallets properly. Signs are also a requirement to inform workers the maximum safe working loads of the racking and shelving they are using.

Pallet Support Bars

Pallet support bars work with the main crossbeams on your racking system. They provided additional support for heavier or less uniform pallets. They also assist with supporting chipboard or other decking materials.

Beam Safety Locks

Beam safety locks are used to ensure that your pallet racking beams are safe and secure. It can be easy to accidentally dislodge a beam using a forklift truck. They are on the bottom of beams so that they can be seen easily, and the beams can be locked into place. They are used to keep your warehouse secure while keeping your workers and customers safe and preventing accidents.

Pallet Racking Column Guards

Pallet racking column guards are used to prevent damage to your racking systems structure. They either bolt around the base or attach directly to your racking’s uprights. They absorb any impacts from forklift trucks, helping to reduce any damage to the racking itself.

Rack End Protection and Safety Barriers

Another way to keep your facility safe is through rack end protection and safety barriers. These barriers provide extra protection for your workers and your storage systems

Rack end protection is used to prevent damage to the vulnerable ends of your racking systems. Spanning the entire depth of the racking, they prevent any collisions caused by forklifts or other machinery, thus minimising the risk or racking collapse caused by collisions.

They can also be used to create walkways to create safe passageways to keep workers away from the paths of machinery.

Safety barriers are typically made from steel and using painted in bright colours for maximum visibility.

Conclusion – Pallet Racking Accessories

When it comes to professional warehouse equipment, the options are endless. Pallet racking is an excellent investment for your warehouse, and the accessories that come along with it aren’t just for show. They can help you achieve your goals quickly and efficiently. Pallet racking accessories are designed to make your job easier. Whether it’s identifying different pallets and keeping them in place or allocating your space better with row spacers, they all serve the same purposes: To make your work more efficient and your warehouse safer.

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