6 Ways on How to Properly Organise Warehouse Inventory

Imagine a warehouse without proper warehouse inventory management. That would be a disaster! Imagine everything out of place. It would be a chaotic experience for everyone, especially for the employees.

Warehouse inventory management is essential for keeping and maintaining the facility in order. And when your stocks are organised, then the warehouse functions and operations will also move smoothly, efficiently and in order.

So how do you successfully implement and organise your warehouse inventory? Here are six ways to do it.

1. Optimise Your Warehouse Layout

Your warehouse layout should be optimised based on what items you store in your facility. To optimise your warehouse layout, you should prioritise your stock by location, such as putting the most frequently used items in the most accessible area. Doing so will increase productivity, eliminate errors from changing locations and reduce transportation time and costs. This will make it easy for employees to find the right materials conveniently, quickly and efficiently.

2. Properly Communicate with Your Employees

You should educate your employees on how to properly store and organise your warehouse inventory. By doing so, they will know what items need to be stored where, as well as how to put them.

Running around in different areas of the warehouse just to get the materials is a waste of time and resources. And if you don’t have a good understanding of where your inventory is, you’ll most likely make mistakes and waste time looking for the right materials.

3. Provide Storage Solutions to Organise Warehouse Inventory

Another way to organise your warehouse inventory is by providing effective storage solutions. There are various types of warehouse inventory management products available, such as pallets, shelves, racks and bins. You should select the right storage solution according to your needs.

For example, if you store items that are not easily damaged, you can use pallets. Racks are great for storing items that are often used. Shelves are the best for storing items that are not heavy but can be accessed easily. And bins are great for storing items that are not heavy, easy to carry and have large storage space.

4. Provide an Area for Pulling Products

Another way to organise your warehouse inventory is by providing an area for pulling products. This is also called the “work-in-progress” (WIP) area. This area is where you should store items that are in the process of being packaged or assembled before shipping them. This will reduce the amount of time needed to locate the items you need.

5. Provide a Receiving Area

Another way to organise your warehouse inventory is by providing a receiving area. This is where you should store items that you have just received from your suppliers. This will help you avoid mixing up new items with used ones.

If these items are not organised, they will soon violate the “first in, first out” rule.

A receiving area will also help you identify which items to pack first or when the inventory should be expired. Organising your warehouse inventory will not only ensure you have the correct inventory in place but also help make your warehouse more productive.

6. Review Your Warehouse Inventory Management Strategies

It is important to review your warehouse inventory management strategies regularly. This will help you identify gaps in your inventory management and improve them. You can do this by completing a gap analysis or conducting an inventory audit.

You should also take an inventory of how you handle your inventory management day-to-day. This will help you identify areas for improvement.

You should also conduct regular warehouse inventory reviews to help you identify ways to improve your inventory management strategies.

Conclusion – 6 Ways on How to Properly Organise Warehouse Inventory

At the end of the day, finding ways to organise warehouse inventory will help ensure you are able to store and manage your items properly. You should regularly inventory your items to avoid loss, theft and damage. And by keeping your warehouse in order, you will also be able to keep your employees productive and improve customer satisfaction.

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