5 Tips to Minimise the Risks of a Pallet Rack Collapsing

A safe working environment is the right of every employee. Unfortunately, safety risks are unavoidable when it comes to specific jobs and locations. Warehouse jobs – where employees are surrounded by pallet racks carrying all sorts of heavy machinery, stocks, and equipment – are prime examples of this danger.

Minimise the Risk of a Pallet Rack Collapsing

Pallet racks collapsing can be a dangerous hazard. Having a faulty pallet rack runs the risk of damaging your stocks and equipment or, worse, injuring employees. The effects can be terrifying to watch and stressful to experience. Fortunately, by keeping a few things in mind and implementing them on a day-to-day basis, you can drastically minimise the risk of a pallet rack collapsing.

Ensure the safety of your employees and assets by focusing on these key areas:

Pallet Rack Installation – reduce the risk of Pallet Rack Collapsing

Ensure that your pallet rack is installed with the proper support and spacing. Pallet racks are designed for heavy equipment, but only when installed appropriately. If the pallet rack you intend to install does not come with its own support, look for an option that does. It is always recommended that a SEIRS registered company installs your storage systems. Your racking supplier should be able to put you in touch with someone.

Pallet Rack Capacity

Pallet racks are designed to support certain weights, so it’s essential to make sure that the pallet racks you install are able to hold your products and equipment. A pallet rack that is not adequately sized runs the risk of falling under the weight of the items. Suppose you’re concerned about the capacity of your pallet rack. In that case, we suggest buying a pallet rack capable of holding at least 15% more weight than what you plan to put on it.

Pallet Rack Support

Whilst most pallet rack systems use horizontal support beams to support pallets, this isn’t always enough to ensure a safely stowed pallet. Pallet racking accessories such as support bars and timber or mesh decking provide additional support.

Pallet Rack Maintenance

Even when a pallet rack is installed correctly, it can start to depreciate over time, especially if it is not maintained correctly. Checking your pallet rack regularly for signs of rust, wear, and leaning will help you notice before a pallet rack starts to fail. Replace or repair the parts involved immediately. Identifying defects in you racking and taking effected areas immediately out of service whilst a repair is carried out, is likely to prevent any serious issues and prolonged downtime.

Employee Training

Lastly, make sure your employees know the safety risks associated with pallet racks. They should know how to spot the signs of a failing pallet rack or a pallet rack collapsing and what to do in an emergency. Employees should also be trained in how to load and unload the racks and move the items properly in case rearrangements are needed. There are many forklift driving courses and rack safety courses to assist with this.

Conclusion – 5 Tips to Minimise the Risks of a Pallet Rack Collapsing

There is no way to completely eliminate safety risks when it comes to positions like warehouse jobs and other jobs that involve large amounts of heavy, expensive equipment. However, it is possible to minimise the risks, which will keep your employees and equipment safe and keep your company under control. Properly inform yourself and your employees of the necessary precautions, and you’ll be ensuring a safer working environment for all.