Drum & Barrel Sump StoreDrum & Barrel Sump StoreDrum & Barrel Sump Store

Drum & Barrel Sump Store

Our Ref No : 2206
Drum & Barrel Sump Store.
• Manufactured in the UK.
• Sumps hold 125% of the capacity of the drums.
• Fully welded, leakproof sump with drain plug.
• Removable galvanised steel support grid.
• Fitted with pallet guides which also enable stacking up to 3 high.

Option of 2 or 4 drum models.

4 Drum model:
Stores 4 drums vertically or 2 drum horizontally,
with optional drum stand.
Overall measurements (without optional stand):
1365mm long x 1365mm wide x 345mm tall.
British manufactured drum & barrel store with sealed sump.
Designed to conform with Environmental Duties of Care and Oil Storage Regulations (England) 2001.
20 working days.
Product Name Price Qty
Drum & Barrel Sump Store - 4 Barrel
£1463.72 Inc VAT
Drum & Barrel Sump Store Optional Stand
£425.60 Inc VAT