The Different Types of Warehouse Racking

When you first begin researching racking systems for your business, you may feel overwhelmed by the number of available options and specific terms and details. But there’s no need to fear! Racking is a relatively simple concept with various applications, ranging from cantilever racking to pallet racking. Once you understand these different types of racking, it’ll be much easier to determine which is best for your warehouse or fulfilment centre. In this blog post, we’ll discuss some popular types of racking systems and help you choose the one that’s right for you. So read on to learn more!

What is longspan racking?

Longspan racking (or shelving) is a type of equipment that helps businesses organise their inventory. Longspan Racking is essential in storage systems, as it allows you to optimise your space, improve your workflow, maximise your throughput, and increase your capacity.  Its often used for smaller product compared to pallet racking for example. Product can be stored directly onto shelves or stored within boxes and pick bins to keep individual SKU’s separate and easy to locate.

This is especially important in industries like retail, eCommerce, manufacturing, and logistics, where inventory control is crucial. Longspan racking systems are used for a variety of applications, from storing books to storing car parts. Some of the most common uses for racking include shipping and receiving (S&R), inventory control, materials handling, and process control.

Longspan racking is often found in warehouses and sore rooms. It’s a common type of racking you’d find the storerooms of a retailer perhaps or in fulfilment centres where multiples SKU’s are picked manually. Racks can be single-sided or double-sided but are usually single-sided. Single-sided racks are usually used when an operator needs to reach the entire rack; double-sided racks are generally used when the operator needs access on two sides.

Like most warehouse racking systems, Longspan is constructed from vertical uprights and horizontal shelves, often with chipboard or steel bases. Heights, lengths and depths are all variable to allow you to create a Longspan racking system that works for you and your products.

Cantilever Racking

Cantilever racking is a type of storage system used in warehouses to store large or heavy materials in an organised manner. It is a freestanding metal structure consisting of horizontal arms supporting vertical posts.

Cantilever racking is most commonly used for storing long lengths. From plastic tubing to timber sleepers and many other building materials. It’s likely you’ll have seen this type of racking at your local builders merchants for example.

The unique design of cantilever racking allows long lengths other non-uniform goods to be still and still accessed by a forklift truck. Other racking such as pallet racking wouldn’t be suitable for long lengths like cantilever racking is.

The specification for what cantilever racking you require, very much depends on the lengths and weights of the material you require.

Pallet Racking

Pallet racking is a system where product is palletised and stored high up within warehouses, to maximise space. Pallet racking is a type where pallets are placed on the floor, and then racks are installed above them. This type of racking is often used in warehouses where pallets are used for shipping or receiving goods. In addition, many warehouses use drive-in racking and pallet racking to maximise their warehouse space.  Pallets are moved in and out of pallet racking using a forklift truck.

Warehouses that use this racking normally have the pallet racking placed in multiple rows with just enough space in between to operate your forklift truck. Pallet racking comes in many different specifications, depending on the manufacturer and your needs. You must select the method that best fits your warehouse and your needs. The method of your pallet racking will make a difference in how your warehouse operates.

Summary – From Cantilever Racking to Pallet Racking

Racking systems store and organise inventory, allowing businesses to maximise their warehouse space. Numerous racking systems exist, but the most common ones are cantilever racking, Longspan racking, drive-in racking, and pallet racking. With the help of these racking systems, businesses can store heavier and bulkier items and those that are difficult to stack.

At 3JC we are experts at helping warehouses make the most of their space and get organised. Talk to us about your Pallet racking or other storage storage needs and we can advise what will work best for your requirements.