Ways You Can Maximise Your Warehouse Shelving Space

The real goal for any warehouse is to maximise storage solutions within the property. Essential items need to be stored safely yet remain accessible for workers who need to sort and move them along. When not properly optimised, this can be dangerous for the warehouse’s infrastructure or simply slow down operations.

To make the best use of your warehouse space and make sure your racking systems are effective and secure, follow these simple tips.

Go By Weight When Loading

When organising, do your rack placements based on weight. It’s best to put your heavier items in the bottom and the lightest ones on top. This way, loading is easier and safer. You should also take into account the weight that your racking systems can bear.


This may seem like an obvious tip, but warehouses tend to accumulate debris. It’s important to keep all areas clean of rubbish and any items that should not be in the way. Workers and forklift drivers alike need visibility and room for movement.

Don’t Stack High

It may be tempting to stack loads high to really maximise the space, but this only makes retrieval and sorting harder. Moreover, it can add more risk because you’d be reliant on the centre of gravity with how you’re stacking things.

Arrange Your Layout By Product Movement

Save time by keeping all products that move fast in the front line. Any items that see frequent orders should just be stocked together where they are easiest to access and move. This also prevents any confusion and bumping against one another if you have a busy day.

Conduct Training

At the end of the day, human error can be your greatest blunder. This can lead to production line mishaps and even dangerous accidents. Make sure your employees are properly trained for their role and have the guidelines needed for safe and efficient operations.

Make Room in the Aisles

It’s hard to have smooth operations when workers can’t manoeuvre the place easily. Even if they move safely, this can make things in the line slower than they have to be.

Consider the height and proximity of your shelves when setting up your warehouse. They should be manageable in terms of access and safety for workers both on foot and in forklifts. The best way to map this out is by envisioning high traffic throughout the warehouse and prepping for that.

Maintain Inspections Consistently

It can really come down to something as simple as conducting an inspection. Daily practices can waver, and you may overlook problems if you don’t maintain a schedule for regular checks.

This is important whether or not your warehouse sees a lot of movement. Inspections can help you identify changes that need to be done in daily operations and find any racks and pallets that need replacement or repairs.

Conclusion – Ways You Can Maximise Your Warehouse Shelving Space

Industrial racking and warehouse storage does not have to be a tricky affair. By making use of the space properly, you can fix a lot of the issues that plague suppliers and businesses. You can even improve operations at low costs if you invest in the right solutions.

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